Climate Change Action Fund

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The Climate Change Action Fund (CCAF) was announced by the Government of Canada in 1998 to invest CAD 150 million in climate change projects over three years. These investments also leveraged significant funding from project proponents and other private sector and government partners.The Fund had four components: public education and outreach; technology early action measures (TEAM - to encourage deployment and development of technologies that reduce climate change and help the economy); science, impacts and adaptation; and the foundation analysis (to analyse options to meet Canadas emission target).In 1999, projects announced under the CCAF included:CA$500,000 towards the $3 million Montreal 2000 Electrical Vehicle Fleet Project, a project which promotes the use of electric vehicles and which is also funded by Montreal 2000, the Government of Quebec, Hydro Quebec, Norvic Traction, Les sports motorises ISAAC, and the various partner-users;CA$10 million to support Iogen Corporation of Ottawa, working with Petro-Canada, in developing and demonstrating a system for production of ethanol from a variety of biomass, for powering motor vehicles;an international clean air day in Quebec to raise public awareness about the impact of vehicle emissions;a seminar and information programme aimed at increasing awareness of carbon emissions trading opportunities in Albertas forest products industry; anda community energy saving project in Sudbury, Ontario.

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