Bioenergy - RD&D Programme

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The main objective of the BIOENERGY programme was to develop new technology solutions for biomass fuels. The BIOENERGY research programme resulted in three new final harvest methods already in commercial usage: the MOHA chipper lorry, CHIPSET chipharvester and EVOLUTION multi-purpose chipharvester. The equipment fulfils the cost objective of the programme in short-distance transportation: fuel now costs FIM 45/MWh. Thanks to the techniques developed in the programme, and lower taxation, the competitiveness of wood for energy has improved substantially. The experiences gained and technological developments, which have lowered production costs and improved profitability, have also improved the operations of heating entrepreneurs. As a result of development work, the investment costs of district heating have also been cut. The BIONENERGY programme developed a new technique in which oil boilers can be used with biofuel in 0.2-5 megawatt sized plants and district heating. The programme developed a new oil product, pyrolysis oil, which expands the use of biofuels in large properties. The programme also developed Tarkkaturve ("efficient peat") methods by which the utilisation of peatland and swamps can be conducted more efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly way.