National Energy Strategy 2002

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 4 November 2013

One of the aims of the National Energy Strategy 2002 is to increase utilization of indigenous energy resources and the use renewable energy sources by following EU guidelines to reduce the volume of fuel import as well as to create new jobs and to improve environmental standards. Specific measures to achieve this goal include:


  • - drawing up and updating programmes for the consumption of indigenous energy resources;
  • - encouragement of the extensive use of indigenous energy sources by organisational, economic and financial measures, support to enterprises and increased production and installation of equipment intended for the processing and use of the above-mentioned resources;
  • - implementation of projects for the use of wind, water and solar energy as well as for the consumption of other renewable and waste energy resources. The state will back the implementation of these projects and provide conditions for EU structural and other support funds to be used for achieving the above goals;
  • - provision of conditions for developing the production of biofuels. The existing legislation promoting production and use of the biofuels will be amended and revised on a regular basis;
  • - efforts directed to increasing share of renewables in the primary energy balance by 2010 to 12% and ensuring that the share is close to meeting the requirements of EU directives.


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