Electricity Reform Agreement - Energy Supply Act

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 29 August 2012
This agreement established the framework for the manner in which consumer protection, environmental considerations and security of supply are to be safeguarded in the liberalised electricity market. It transformed the subsidy scheme for renewables from fixed payments to a type of renewables portfolio standard to be phased in. The legislation introduced CO2 quotas, tradable emissions allowances and renewable energy certificates for a "green" electricity market. To meet their quotas, electricity distributors may develop renewable supply options or purchase renewable generation credits as proxies. Price premiums for renewables are passed down to electricity consumers. It was assumed that a green certificate market would be functioning by 2003. In 2001 a Parliamentary hearing concluded that the renewable certificate scheme was impracticable and it has not been implemented. Until a final decision is taken, transitional regulations on power purchase rates and premium payments for renewables are set out in Executive Orders.