Management Regulation of Energy Consumption in Transport (RGCEST)

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Management Regulation of Energy Consumption (RGCE) was introduced in 1982 and targeted mainly the industrial sector. The specificity of the transport sector, namely the variability of factors that influence energy consumption, demonstrated the need for property regulation in this sector. This led to the development of the Management Regulations of Energy Consumption in Transport (RGCEST), approved in 1990 but only introduced in January of 1991. The RGCEST applies to transport companies, as well as companies that have their own fleets with annual energy consumption higher than 500 toe. It establishes goals for the progressive reduction of specific energy consumption. Under the scheme companies are required to carry out an energy audit in a 3-year period and both set-up and implement an energy consumption rationalization plan (PRCE) for the subsequent years. In order to monitor the PRCE, companies must submit annual reports, and all elements of the plan have to be presented to the Directorate General for Energy and Geology for approval.

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