Energy Consumption Labelling of Appliances

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The European directives on energy labelling of dish-washers, dryers and washing machines were transposed into Belgian law. For refrigerators and freezers, energy labelling was also implemented. Belgian legislation was amended to comply with EU Directive 92/75 on energy labelling of household appliances.
For refrigerators, freezers and combinations, energy labelling was implemented by Ministerial Decree of 20 November 1996 (Moniteur belge dated 25.01.1997). For washing machines, dryers, combinations and dishwashers ministerial decrees that introduce energy labelling were approved on 01.12.1998 (Moniteur belge 13.01.1999); lighting bulbs: ministerial decree 01.12.1999, Moniteur belge 31.12.1999.
This policy was superseded by 2004 policy on Electric Appliance Labelling and subsequent regulations (see separate entry).

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