Information Campaign on Energy Efficiency

Last updated: 24 August 2021
In September 2006, the Swedish Energy Agency in co-operation with the Board of Housing and Planning, the Environment Protection Agency and the Consumer Agency initiated an information campaign on how to save energy in the residential sector. The Project was commissioned by the Government. The purpose of the campaign is to increase awareness on energy efficiency within the general public and to complement the current energy debate with ideas on direct measures. Already existing networks such as the regional energy offices and local energy consultants are involved. Proposed measures are seen in a system perspective and complement the implementation of the Energy Performance Certificate for buidings. The campaign lasted until the end of 2007. In September 2006, the project started off with an advertisement campaign. During 2007 the responsible agencies together with local energy consultants, travelled around the country to spread information. An energy smart house was demonstrated at ten major events and fairs, including information on insulation, heating modes, ventilation, and household electricity use.

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