Marco Polo I programme - Intermodal Freight Transport

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The Commission proposal for a Council and Parliament Regulation for the Marco Polo programme was adopted on 4 February 2002. The Marco Polo programme was operational by 2003. In 2002, a small budget for specific pilot actions was offered by the Commission.The Marco Polo programme intends to help the transport and logistics industry to achieve sustained modal shifts of road freight to short sea shipping, rail and inland waterway. For the Marco Polo program, the Commission proposed a budget of € 115 million (2003 – 2006) to achieve its goal of shifting the expected yearly increase of road freight to the other modes mentioned above. Marco Polo I is formally the successor of the PACT programme, although it was broader in scope, budget and more ambitious. PACT came to an end on 31 December 2001. In 2007, Marco Polo II was implemented to pursue the same goals, with new modalities and increased budget (450M€ for 2007-2013)

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