Sustainable Energy Awards

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Originally launched in 1996 as the Boiler Awards, this programme was renamed the Sustainable Energy Awards in 2004. The awards support three crucial aspects of Sustainable Energy - Excellence in Technology, Excellence in Organisation, Excellence in People. In 1996, 65 sites were involved in the competition, accounting for an annual energy spend on fuel of Eur 24 million. The projects undertaken yielded energy savings of Eur 368,000. In 2006, entries from Northern Ireland were invited for the first time. In 2007, 225 nominations were received, resulting in 101 entries with a combined energy spend of Eur 290 million. The awards are intended to encourage, recognise and reward excellence in energy management in the industrial, commercial and public sectors. The awards focus on individuals, groups and organisations who demonstrate a commitment to include energy management as part of their overall management structure and provide an opportunity for organisations, regardless of size, to gain public recognition for their achievements in reducing energy use and emissions.

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