Energy Management Regulations

Last updated: 16 October 2019

As of November 2015, energy consumption data of 1,336 industrial enterprises and 1,192 buildings has been collected in the EnVER portal. The number of certified energy managers has reached approximately 7 400. Under the law of October 27, 2011, energy manager training and certification which were given separately for building and industrial sectors have been combined. The number of energy managers having combined certificates has reached 1 816. Energy managers have been assigned in 911 industrial establishments and in 835 commercial buildings and energy management units have been established in 33 organised industrial zones and 36 electricity generation facilities as of November 2015.


The TS EN ISO 50 001 Standard adopted in July 2011 for Energy Management System is formed and realised appropriate to user manual and conditions standards and it has become obligatory for industrial establishments who apply to obtain energy efficiency financial support since the beginning of 2014.

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