Queensland Cleaner Energy Strategy

Last updated: 24 August 2021
In May 2000, the Queensland government elaborated a Cleaner Energy Strategy, comprising various measures aimed at improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting renewable energy. Key initiatives of the strategy included: -Requiring electricity retailers that operating in Queensland to source 15% of their electricity sold in Queensland from gas-fired or renewable generation from 1 January 2005. -Not providing generating licences for new coal-fired power stations unless there is a clear and demonstrated need. -Over five years, spending AUD 50 million on programmes targeted at supporting renewable and innovative energy technologies and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These include Increasing Solar Hot Water Rebates by AUD 250 to a AUD 750 maximum; Increasing the governments "green energy" purchases for government buildings and activities to 5% of its total electricity consumption; Extending and increasing funding for the Queensland Sustainable Energy Innovation Fund until 2005; New programmes to encourage greater energy efficiency in the built environment (AUD 1 million over 2 years); Building on the 2000 Cleaner Energy Strategy, the Queensland government developed Smart Energy Policy initiatives as part of its June 2007 Climate Smart 2050 strategy.

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