Energy-efficient Systems in Trade and Industry campaign

Last updated: 5 November 2017
With a range of consultations, seminars, information materials, and in some cases direct mailings, the informationcampaign for energy optimisation of existing pump systems and energy-optimised construction of new pumpsystems in trade and industry is directed at companies from trade and industry, suppliers, service providers, anddisseminators such as energy agencies and industry associations. The campaign was developed, sponsored andexecuted by the German Energy Agency and the VDMA Pumps + Systems Association and subsidised by theBMWi. Among other things the focus is on analysis of life-cycle costs, carrying out consultations in industrialcompanies, and standardisation of energy consultations for pump systems. From a commercial point of viewenergy consultations for increasing energy efficiency in pump systems are particularly worthwhile. This effect isincreased by rising electricity prices, leading to an additional increase in efficiency. The consultations show thatconsiderable potential savings are available in both SMEs and large companies and that energy efficiency improvementspay dividends irrespective of the sector in which a company operates. The campaign contributes indirectly

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