International Joint Research Grant Programme (NEDO GRANT)

Last updated: 24 August 2021
NEDO conducted the International Joint Research Grant Program (NEDO GRANT) from 1988. The programme aimed to promote advancement of the international level of industrial technology and create new industry, and consequently advance Japanese industrial technology. The results achieved were expected to create a basis for new key industrial technologies. Support was provided to research teams in the following areas: Industrial Technology; Energy (Related to power generation and efficient use); Global Environment; International Standard Development In 2004, grants were awarded for the research areas of Industrial Technology and Energy. Industrial Technology: Basic research on technology to create new industry, such as otechnology, materials, information technology and life science. Energy: Practical research on industrial technology concerning production and utilization of oil-alternative energy (power generation, electric load reduction, efficient energy use, etc.). Eligible research teams must consist of four or more researchers of at least two different nationalities, including Japanese. Research institutes must be located in several countries, including Japan. Each team can receive a grant for a maximum of three years. Grant award amounts were as follows: Three years: 70 million yen or less; First two year: 50 million yen or lessl; Annual grants: 30 million yen or less

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