Umweltbonus – Environmental Bonus

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Purchase rebate: 4,000 EUR for BEVs, 3,000 EUR for PHEVs (in the limit of 400,000 cars and until 2020). 600 million EUR maximum spending from the government, automakers should provide as much. Rewards are only for cars with a list price of a maximum of 60,000 euros (base model). The subsidy is restricted to BEV, FCV or PHEV (CO2 emission = 50 g CO2/km)listed by the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control50.Requirements include:• Initial vehicle registration• Category M1, N1 or N251 vehicles (L-category vehicles are excluded)• Models with a net list price of = 60,000 EUR (basic version)

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