Registration tax reduction - weight

Last updated: 5 November 2017
2015: NOK 39.10 /kg for the first 1150 kg of the weight .   NOK 85.25 /kg for the following 250 kg .   NOK 170.52 /kg for the following 100 kg   NOK 198.31 /kg for the remaining weight; 2016: NOK 0 first 150 kg, NOK 38.1/kg for the following 1000 kg, NOK 83.01/kg for the following 250 kg, NOK 166.04/kg for the following 100 kg, NOK193.11/kg for the following kg. 2017: NOK 0.00/kg for the first 200kg of weight , NOK 27.19/kg for the following 1,000kg, NOK 67.74/kg for the following 200kg, NOK 211.70/kg for the following 100kg, NOK 246.22/kg for the remaining weight.

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