Green Range Extended Electric Vehicle

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The “Green RE-EV (Range Extended Electric Vehicle) Car Part Development andResearch Infrastructure Project” on transportation systems set its goal to foster carpart manufacturing companies specializing in RE-EVs by constructing an R&Dinfrastructure for core parts, and fortifying the technical development of corecomponents in Ulsan as the center of the national automotive industrial sector. Toexecute the project, 91 million EUR of national government investments, 13.4million EUR of local government investments, and 18.6 million EUR of privatesector investments for a total of 123.5 million EUR will be invested sinceSeptember of 2011 through August of 2016. To encourage dissemination of REEVtransportation, the project set an objective to commercialize 8 types of corecomponents within the 5 year period of the project. The aim is to targetcomponents which can contribute to more practical business activities, such asconstruction R&D and research foundations.

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