Brightness Programme

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 16 April 2021
The Brightness Program is an umbrella program, which includes the Township Electrification Program (TEP) (implemented 2002-2003), and the Village Electrification Program. The TEP included 20 MW of solar PV and wind, and 200 MW of small hydro to provide electricity for more than 1000 townships (the official statistic is 1 million people total). To date, the central government has invested USD 240 million to provide hardware. Thus, it is designed to allow development of rural communities as well as reducing poverty. Total investment in equipment and services needed to achieve the long-term goal of reaching 23 million people is about 10 billion Renminbi (about USD 1.2 billion). The government of Holland and Germany are giving further financial and technical support to the programme.