Action plan for renewable energy sources

Last updated: 24 August 2021
In 1998, investment aid to RE technologies was FIM 110 million. The 1999 Action Plan for RE sources planned for FIM 200 million (EURO 33 m) per year of government investment aid. The total need for investment in the sector is estimated at over FIM 17.6 billion by 2010. The Ministry of Trade and Industry provides grants for up to 30% of the investment costs for renewable energy technologies (up to 40% for wind). A new financial instrument is planned by the Action Plan to be added to the existing energy investment aid. A FIM 100-200 million demonstration grant would be awarded every 3 years for a project using innovative technologies. This would allow to adapt new large-scale technologies to Finnish conditions, and to commercialise them. Public funding of RE plants is also made available through regional and local incentives.

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