Green owner tax

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Paid twice per year. It depends on the fuel economy and is different for diesel and gasoline vehicles and depends on weight. Gasoline: minimum 620 DKK/year (if above 20 km/l), maximum 21660 DKK if below 4.5 km/l; Diesel: minimum 260 DKK/year (if above 32 km/l), maximum 32200 DKK if below 5.1 km/l; Diesel also pay 1000 DKK if not equipped with a specific filter. Diesel-driven cars also pay an additional so-called equalisation tax . EVs pay this tax, too. But BEV have fuel economy higher than upper limit and thus pay minimum value of tax (the watt-hours per kilometre energy consumption figure by a fixed factor of 91.25 to arrive at ‘fuel’ consumption in litres per 100 km. PHEVs are liable for a green owner’s tax calculated in the same way as the tax on petrol-driven cars. However, the energy consumption of the electric engine measured in watt-hours per kilometre is added to the official NEDC consumption figure using the same calculation as for BEVs )