Commission on Oil Independence: Final Report, Targets Published

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The final report of a national commission set up in 2005 "to present a concrete strategy to break Swedens dependence on oil by 2020" outlines measures aimed at securing long-term energy supply, reducing climate impact and making better use of energy resources from forestry and agriculture. Targets proposed by the Commission on Oil Independence include improvements in overall energy efficiency of at least 20%, 40-50% cuts in the use of petrol and diesel in road transport, 25-40% less oil in industry, and a complete phase-out of oil used in the heating of residential and commercial buildings. The commission also calls for pilot and demonstration plants to start production of "second generation biofuels" such as synthetic gas fuels, forest-based ethanol and biogas from the bio-based raw materials. Promotion of vehicles running on alternative fuels would continue in part through public procurement requirements, with the aim of making Swedish cars on average 25-50% more efficient by 2020. To meet the Commissions strategic targets, fuel efficiency should be included as a factor in environmental classification of cars and consideration should be given to introducing an energy-labelling system. A special centre for energy efficiency should also be established.

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