EV Infrastructure Charging Program (ADVENIR)

Last updated: 17 March 2021

In 2016, the ADVENIR program was launched to allow the financing of private charging infrastructure in company car parks and in apartment buildings. The principle is to oblige the energy companies to finance energy savings by obtaining a certificate. These companies can carry out the energy saving measures themselves, purchase certificates from the non-obligated ones, or pay a surtax to the State. The initiative complements the 30 % tax credit on the acquisition of charging systems for individuals. It also complements the ADEME financing scheme targeting the installation of charging stations open to the public.


As part of its renewal (Arrêté of February 8, 2018), in March 2018, the ADVENIR program aims to install 13,700 new charging points, including 3,000 installed on public roads, in order to support the deployment of local authorities' charging networks.

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