Guidelines for the development of electric vehicles charging infrastructure

Last updated: 16 April 2021

In line with the objectives of the 'Guidance on Accelerating the Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure' by the State Council, this guideline seeks to set out a framework through which to systematically improve the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles (EV) and to promote the healthy and rapid development of the EV industry.


The guideline sets targets in accordance with projections of EV demand. Thus by 2020:

    • More than 12,000 new centralised charging and batter replacement stations will be added
    • More than 4.8 million decentralised charging stations shall be added to meet the expected demand of 5 million EV
    • Development of public service areas such as public transport and rental services will be prioritised too.


Key focus areas of the guidelines are:

    1. Promoting the construction of charging infrastructure
    2. Strengthening the capacity of the power grid to support increased demand from EV charging facilities
    3. Accelerating the improvement of standardised specifications and technological innovation
    4. Exploring sustainable business models
    5. Develop relevant pilot projects

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