Programme for technological innovation in agricultural production

Last updated: 20 July 2021

Inovagro is an incentive for technological innovation in agricultural production financed and managed by the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES). It aims at supporting the investments necessary to incorporate technological innovation in rural properties, aiming to increase productivity. It supports the adoption of good agricultural practices and rural property management and competitive insertion of rural producers in different consumer markets.


It finances, as long as linked to its objectives, the implementation of systems for the generation and distribution of alternative energy (wind, solar and biomass) exclusively for own consumption, compatible with the energy demand of the activity.


Funding may be requested by rural producers and farmers'cooperatives. BNDES does not porovide funding to intermediaries or consultant but just directly to the farmers requesting the financing.


What can be funded?

  • Implementation of systems for generation and distribution of alternative energy, for own consumption, such as wind, solar and biomass energy, observing that the project must be compatible with the energy demand of the productive activity installed in the rural property;
  • precision agriculture equipment and services, from initial soil sampling planning to the generation of fertilizer and corrective application maps, except for items inherent in irrigation systems;
  • automation, adaptation and construction of facilities for the aquaculture, poultry, shrimp farming, pig breeding, sheep farming, pisciculture, dairy farming segments, including the integrated or isolated acquisition of machinery and equipment for this purpose, and the credit should be granted to beneficiary acting in activity for over a year;
  • computer programs for management, monitoring or automation;
  • consultancies for the formation and technical and managerial capacitation of the productive activities implemented in the rural property;
  • acquisition of genetic material (semen, embryos and oocytes) from donors with certificate of registration and performance evaluation or, alternatively for beef cattle, the special certificate of identification of production (CEIP);
  • items that comply with the PI-Brazil Integrated Farming and Animal Welfare Production Systems, and the Safe Food Programs of the various production chains, and Good Beef Cattle Farming Practices;
  • items or products developed under the Technological Innovation Program (Inova-Empresa);
  • technical assistance required for project design, implementation, monitoring and execution, limited to 4% of the total funding amount; and
  • Cost associated with the investment project and acquisition of breeding stock, with genealogical registration certificate, issued by institutions qualified for this purpose (limited to 30% of the funded value).

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