MOVEA Plan/Promotion of Alternative Energy Vehicles

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Plan to Boost Mobility with Alternative Energy Vehicles (MOVEA Plan) is a measure which forms part of the Strategy for the Promotion of Alternative Energy Vehicles (VEA) in Spain (2014-2020), designed and started up by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, in collaboration with other entities and Ministries in order to unify the different programmes and plans intended to support the acquisition of the most efficient vehicles which have been developed until now. The MOVEA Plan, withe a budget of €16.6 million, intended to promote the acquisition of vehicles with alternative energies, as well as the implementation of recharging points for electric vehicles in zones with public access. To achieve this, it is intended to provide the direct concession of subsidies, whose regulation is made through Royal Decree 1078/2015, of November 27. In view of the high demand generated by the MOVEA 2016 Plan, it was considered appropriate and necessary to provide it with continuity in order to promote the acquisition of alternative energy vehicles through the regulation of the direct granting of subsidies. It is in this context that the MOVEA 2017 Plan has been approved by the Council of Ministers of June 17, 2017 in order to incentivise the purchase of alternative energy vehicles in Spain as well as to implement charging points for electric vehicles in public access areas throughout Spain. The budget assigned to this second edition of the plan has been €14.26M, which is distributed attending to the type of vehicle and the propulsion technology.

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