Measures for the Administration of Special funds for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction of Civil Aviation

Last updated: 16 April 2021

This notice issued by the Ministry of Finance and Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAC) seeks to strengthen the administration of special funds for energy conservation and emission reduction in civil aviation and improve efficiency in the use of funds. The notice pertains to public finance departments of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and cities under separate state planning as well as all offices under the jurisdictional supervision of the CAC. Responsible for implementation of the projects are regional administrations of CAC, and the institutions under CAC, including airlines, airport companies and air transport guarantee companies.  


30% to 60% of the actual investment amount of the project will be subsidised. The subsidy ceiling for a single project is CNY 10 million per project.  


Measures covered include:

    • Energy saving technology transformations in civil aviation;
    • Civil aviation energy management
    • Application of energy saving products and new energy
    • Purchase and renovation of new energy and energy saving vehicles for ground management
    • Route optimization projects;
    • Renovation of airport waste, sewage treatment and reuse of reclaimed water facilities;
    • Development of civil aviation energy conservation and emission standards, statistics, monitoring and evaluation systems.

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