PAREER II/Aids Program for Energy Retrofit of Existing Buildings.

Last updated: 26 September 2019

In view of the success of the former Programme PAREER-CRECE, a second call for the Aid Programme to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Existing Buildings (PAREER II) has been launched in order to continue to incentivise the execution of measures promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in extant buildings. The available budget amounts to €204 M.


Typology of actions subject of aid : those which allow for a reduction in emissions of CO 2 and final energy consumption by one or more of the following types:


  1. Improvement of the energy efficiency of the thermal envelope
  2. Improvement of the energy efficiency of thermal and lighting installations
  3. Replacing conventional energy with solar thermal energy
  4. Replacing conventional energy with geothermal energy

The actions subject to assistance must improve the total energy rating of the building by at least 1 letter measured on the scale of carbon dioxide emissions (kg CO2 / m2 year), with respect to the initial energy rating of the building. In addition, additional aid will be granted to actions that reach energy class “A” or “B”, or that increase the initial energy rating of the existing building by more than two letters. This improvement of your energy rating can be obtained by performing one type of action or a combination of several.


Beneficiaries : may be beneficiaries of the Program


a) The owners of existing buildings intended for any use, provided they have legal personality of a private or public nature.

b) The communities of owners or groups of communities of owners of residential buildings for residential use, constituted as Horizontal Property.

c) Owners who collectively own buildings and have not granted the title constituting horizontal property.

d) The operating companies, lessees or concessionaires of buildings.

e) Energy services companies.


The deadline for submitting aid applications has finalised but the transaction of aids is ongoing.

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