Energy efficiency requirement for box type air conditioners

Last updated: 22 July 2020

This standard defines minimum energy efficiency ratio of air-cooled box type  air conditioners with power capacity more than 3 kW, and water-cooled box type air conditioners.


air cooled,

CC> 3 kW  

  • old CNS2725: EER (kcal/h-W)2.44, EER(BTU/h-W)9.68  
  • new CNS 3615 and CNS 14464: EER (W/W)2.84

water cooled  

  • old CNS 2725: EER (kcal/h-W)3.17, EER(BTU/h-W)12.58  

new CNS 3615 and CNS 14464: EER (W/W) 3.69

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