Voluntary Energy Efficiency in Heating Utilities

Last updated: 12 May 2021
adopted the Law on heat and promotion of co-generation (Law no. 92 of 29.05.2014); approved the harmonised reference efficiency values for separate generation of electricity (GD no.297 of 16.03.2016); adopted common methodology for calculation of the normative values for heat losses - adopted (ANRE no 742 of 18.12.2014); Corporate, institutional and financial restructuring of the centralised heat supply system in mun. Chisinau – done. The merger in 2014 of CHP-2, CHP-1 and Termocom (partialy) – done; The energy management system based on the standard ISO-50001 and the automated monitoring system for technological parameters and for energy were implemented by the biggest heat and power producer in Moldova; Modernisation and reconstruction of the transportation and distribution heat supply networks – in progress; Replacement of the heat insulation of the underground heat supply networks- in progress; Installation of the individual thermal points –in progress, etc.

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