Energy auditors and Energy audit

Last updated: 12 May 2021
The Regulation on energy auditors and energy audit was approved by the Government pursuant to art. 9 para. (1) lit. f) of Law no. 139/2018 on Energy Efficiency.It includes provisions on authorization of energy auditors and on the methodology for energy audit cost calculation.According to this regulation, energy auditors are to be qualified and registered in an Electronic Register, for one or more categories, as follows:1. Buildings category - any type of building, including public lighting;2. Industry category - any industrial process, including those related to activities in agriculture and forestry;3. Transport category - any type and form of transport.It should be noted that the implementation of this Regulation is to be carried out by the Energy Efficiency Agency by drawing up and approving the necessary supporting documents, which on the one hand will facilitate the work of energy auditors and on the other hand will lay the foundations for a mechanism, which will be used by the Agency to monitor the quality of energy audits (ex. Guidelines on training and examination of the specialists in energy auditing matter, Adopted /Order of the EEA No. 04/AB,29.01.2021)

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