Fuel Consumption Information Project: Fuel Saver Online Consumer Guide

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Ministry of Transport leads a Vehicle Fuel Consumption Information project that aims to influence consumers to purchase more fuel-efficient cars and to measure the fuel consumption of the New Zealand vehicle fleet. This will be achieved by:
recording fuel consumption information for imported light vehicles. From 1 June 2006 importers of certain vehicles are required under section 7(1) (e) of the Transport (Vehicle and Driver Registration Licensing) Act 1986 to provide fuel consumption data when presenting their vehicles to be registered;
monitoring the fuel consumption of the vehicle fleet to aid further policy development;
providing information on the fuel consumption of new vehicles and a range of used vehicles to the public via a website. Launched on 11 May 2006, the Fuel Saver site may eventually contain information, where available, on vehicle emissions and vehicle safety, and on the promotion of fuel-efficient vehicles.

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