Government Decision on Energy Efficiency Measures

Last updated: 5 November 2017
On 4 February 2010, the Finnish Government passed a resolution on energy saving and energy efficiency measures to be implemented during the current decade. This government decision is based on a June 2009 report by a broad-based Energy Efficiency Committee, appointed by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.The energy efficiency measures form an updated Action Plan for Energy Efficiency to 2020 and implement the objectives of the Long-Term Climate and Energy Strategy. The target is to decrease the final energy consumption by 37 TWh in 2020 as compared to the baseline scenario. The resolution contains 125 measures, with some continuations of existing policy, some to be implemented by the end of 2011, and others to be impelemented between 2011 and 2020. Measures to be implemented by the end of 2011 include:
Research and innovation: Connecting and helping actors promoting energy efficiency innovation, and launching a research initiative with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency
Communication, advice and education: Developing a system for providing consumers with energy-related advice, an advisory network on renovation and construction, as well as requiring energy companies to provide information on energy consumption and introducing energy efficiency classifications for cars.
Communities: The Ministry of Environment will support communities in drawing up regional energy and climate strategies, as well as alternative energy and community technologies.
Buildings: Strengthening regulations for new buildings, specifically supporting building renvoation, and using statutes to install apartment-specific water meters in new buildings.
The public sector will lead, implementing energy efficiency plans and measures through a framework of acts and decrees. In transport, several measures will promote the adoption of energy-efficient vehicles, including electric cars, and accelerate the renewal of the existing vehicle stock, for example through taxation and energy efficiency classification. For appliances, energy efficiency standards will be implemented, and energy efficiency will be promoted in the context of agricultural support systems. For industry and services, subsidies for energy efficiency investments will be extended along with the development of new financing and business models.

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