Energy Conservation Guideline for Public Institutions

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Energy Conservation Guideline for Public Institutions founded in 1997 requires that collective public institutions establish, implement and estimate an annual plan for energy conservation. Targeted institutions are central administrative offices and public institutions; local governments (state, city) and their corporations; government agencies and government corporations.

The main features of the Guideline are: establishment and implementation of an energy conservation plan; agreement on and management of annual energy conservation targets; energy conservation initiatives by ESCOs; energy loss reduction and energy efficiency improvement through energy management audits. Every public institution has established and implements its energy conservation plan. When the plan is completed, the institutions are expected to have achieved a 10% energy consumption reduction by 2000 (base year 1997). Individual institutions will receive an incentive or penalty in accordance with their performances and achievements. An exemplary case will be publicised and promoted to other institutions.