National Energy Conservation Promotion - New 2007 Campaigns for Further Energy Efficiency

Last updated: 18 July 2019
On November 29, 2007, the "Inter-Ministerial Liaison Committee for the Promotion of Energy and Resource Conservation Measures", composed of vice-minister level officials, was held to further promote energy conservation efforts. New measures were deemed necessary by the government, against a background of rising commercial and residential energy consumption, increased energy costs, concerns regarding energy security, and the start of the Kyoto Protocols first commitment period in 2008. The energy conservation measures initiated apply to the government itself as well as to industry and the public. Cooperation was requested for the following actions by government related organisations, and other actors: Identified energy conservation national action and measures to be further strengthened: 1) Strengthening of national promotion of energy conservation in the household sector Energy conservation individual actions through implementing "energy conservation contests" for households and selection of energy efficient home appliances through "Energy-Efficient Household Appliance Promotion Forum" 2) Strengthening of national promotion of energy conservation in the commercial sector Government is to draft an operating procedure on energy conservation, and administrative guidance to the major industries in the commercial sector including product retailers such as food and drink retailers, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, social welfare business, schools. 3) Eco driving promotion 4) Use of green electricity certificates Basic principles of dissemination and promotion, eight items were identified including: - active dissemination of information using all types of media - national dissemination to the public by a company through CSR activities - promotion of dissemination through cooperation.

In 2015 Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry issued information. Which is "Summer Energy Conservation Measures", "Winter Energy Conservation Measures","November is Eco-Drive Promotion Month!"

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