Financial aid programme for energy savings and renewable energy in housing 2008

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Since 1 January 2008, the Ministry of Environment established a new financial incentive programme to encourage investments in high efficiency housing, energy-efficient refurbishment of existing housing, the installation of renewable energy sources and energy-efficient equipment, as well as energy performance evaluation and advice services (required for undertaking refurbishment).
For new housing up to 200m2 for individual houses and up to 120m2 for multi-family buildings, grants are provided for the construction of low-energy consumption homes (between EUR 21 and EUR 45/m2) and passive houses (between EUR 57 and EUR160/m2). Construction must begin in 2007 and request for funding submitted before 31 December 2008.
For existing housing over 10 years old, grants are provided for the replacement of various components, such as thermal insulation of walls, floors and roofs (EUR 8-15/m2) and high efficiency windows (EUR 12-30/m2). A complete refurbishment allows for 20% increased subsidy, covering up to 75% of the investment up to a maximum amount depending on the type and size of housing. Installation of improved ventilation systems are also subsidised up to 50%.

Various renewable energy sources are also subsidised:
Solar thermal and solar PV systems (30-50% of the cost up to a specific maximum amount),
Geothermal heat (40-50%), and
Biomass heaters (25-30%).
Condensing boilers are also subsidised between EUR 80 and EUR 600.
Micro cogeneration fuelled by renewable energy sources is subsidised up to 25%, while connection to a heating source fuelled 75% by renewable energy sources is subsidised EUR 15/kW or EUR 50/kW (up to a maximum amount of kW) depending on the type of housing.
Energy consultation for the construction of low-energy and passive houses, and for energy-efficient refurbishment, are subsidised up to EUR 50/hour.

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