Advisory Services

Last updated: 5 November 2017
On 1 July 1998, a support programme to provide advice on energy conservation in residential buildings was reintroduced; it had ceased at the end of 1997 for financial reasons. This programme involves on-site advice in residential buildings for which permission to build was given before 1984 (1989 in eastern Germany). Under this programme, owners of dwellings (and some small and medium-sized companies ) receive a grant if they are given on-site advice by professional experts on potential energy conservation measures. Between the beginning of the programme in 1991 and its end in 1997, a total of 16 000 on-site advice sessions were promoted. With this consulting, owners receive detailed technical expertise on the building. It contains an indication of whether the physical characteristics of the building would make improvement of thermal insulation a viable option, whether conversion or renewal of the heating system is recommended, and whether the use of renewable energies might be worthwhile. The required financial outlays and economies achieved by the proposed investments would also be calculated.