Factory of Tomorrow

Last updated: 24 August 2021
In the framework of the Austrian Programme on Technologies for Sustainable Development, the sub-programme "Factory of Tomorrow" addressed trade and industry as well as service enterprises that produce and provide products of tomorrow using materials of tomorrow to meet future needs. The "Factory of Tomorrow" sub-programme aimed at zero-waste, zero-emission production, and the production and provision of products and services of tomorrow using materials of tomorrow to meet tomorrows needs. Thus, the "Factory of Tomorrow" seeked to aspire the generation of maximum benefit with minimum consumption of resources and minimum environmental impact. The sub-programme focused on innovative development in the following fields: - sustainable technologies and innovations in production processes - use of renewable raw materials - products and services In addition to technological topics, projects dealing with ecological, economic, social, and structural problems are invited within the scope of the subprogram. The program addressed companies, researchers and research institutions and consulting and service companies.

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