Framework Law concerning rational use of energy: Law of 5 August 1993

Last updated: 24 August 2021
Framework Law concerning rational use of energy: Law of 5 August 1993 provides the legal basis for deployment and renewable energy usage in Luxembourg. The Law sets out energy savings and renewable energy objectives and measures.The Law provides for research and demonstration activities on renewable energy sources and/or energy conservation to benefit from public assistance, particularly in the form of pilot projects. It establishes that electricity produced from small-scale renewable energy sources and cogeneration are to be connected to public networks, and that feed-in tariffs are to be established for these sources. It also provides the possibility for renewable energy or cogeneration obligations to be set, for buildings requiring large amounts of energy and those in industry.The Law establishes mandatory energy use norms and standards for buildings. Building owners must undertake energy performance evaluation. They must also undertake energy-saving improvements in insulation, heating and cooling components, should heating needs exceed 600 kW, cooling needs exceed 300 kW or transformer capacity exceed 500 kW.Commercial and industrial installations consuming over 3 GWh of energy per year are required to regularly establish energy performance assessments, and evaluations concerning energy-saving improvements.Such activities can benefit from state aid.The Framework Law creates a legal basis for introduction of mechanisms supporting financially deployment of renewable energies in Luxembourg such as feed-in tariff, grants, tax reliefs and similar.

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