Carbon Tax/Green Tax System

Last updated: 4 July 2022

In 1999, at the end of the Green Tax Package scheme (introduced in 1995), the tax structure was maintained, but the tax rates on industries and households were revised. As with the previous system under the Green Tax Package (see separate database entry), the green tax system includes different tax levels combined with reallocation back to the sector as subsidies for energy efficiency activities, voluntary agreements, and so on. For example, in 2002, tax rates were: - Energy tax: about Eur 6.8/GJ. - Standard CO2 rate: Eur 13.3/tonne. - Sulphur tax: 2.66/kg of sulphur or Eur 1.33/kg of SO2. Taxation of electricity is calculated on the basis of the fuel used in production. This policy has now been superseeded by Energy Tax reform 2.0.