Energy Efficient Driving Programme

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Chilean Energy Efficiency Agency (AChEE) estimates efficient driving techniques could improve vehicle performance by 5% to 13%. Consequently, since 2012, there is an online platform to encourage the adoption of efficient driving concepts for both private and public drivers. In addition, since 2015, knowledge about energy efficient driving practices and techniques is part of the requirements for new class B driver licenses. From 2014 to 2017, more than 1 000 public sector drivers were trained as part of an efficient driving project. This resulted in an estimated 7% fuel saving, equivalent to 250 litres of fuel per driver per year. This experience was replicated for freight transport aiming at reducing fuel consumption up to 15% in about 180 000 of the heavy duty trucks in the country. AChEE provided efficient driving training to more than 660 instructors and supervisors of freight and passenger transport companies across the country and in partnership with confederations, associations and companies in the transport sector.

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