Incandescent Lamp Phase-out

Last updated: 5 November 2017
In October 2008, a voluntary agreement aimed at phasing out inefficient lighting was signed between the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Planning, home improvement/DIY retailers (represented by two professional organisations), the organisation responsible for collecting and recycling used lamps, EDF (energy company) and the French energy management agency ADEME. Major retailers were also present to demonstrate their commitment to the agreement. The agreement seeks to cover all aspects related to a phasing-out of inefficient lighting, including the promotion of efficient lamps, progressively removing incandescent lamps from the marketplace, improving the quality of efficient lighting products sold, promoting the collection and recycling of lamps, and improving the information provided to and awareness among consumers. The agreement has eight key objectives and deliverables. 1) To triple the market share of low-energy lamps by 2010 2) The reorganisation of sales points, so that low-energy bulbs account for half of aisle space by the end of 2008, reaching three-quarters by 2009 3) Reducing the energy consumption of lamps sold in 2010 by one-half, compared with 2007 4) Undertaking promotional activities to reduce the cost of low-energy lamps, notably with the participation of EDF in a 10 million low-energy lamp initiative during 2009 5) An indicative calendar for phasing-out the sale of incandescent light-bulbs, as follows: 30 June 2009: incandescent bulbs greater or equal to100 W. 31 December 2009: incandescent bulbs greater or equal to 75 W. 30 June 2010: incandescent bulbs greater or equal to 60 W. 31 August 2011: incandescent bulbs greater or equal to 40 W. 31 December 2012: incandescent bulbs greater or equal to 25 W. An accelerated calendar is suggested for major retailers. 6) An information and communication campaign, involving EDF and ADEME, as well as in-store information provided by retailers, and a brochure on low-energy lamps. 7) Increased quality control on low-energy lamps sold 8) An increase in the collection and recycling of used low-energy light-bulbs; all retailers signatory to the agreement will collect used light-bulbs, along with bins for collecting used light-bulbs put in place at general retailers

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