Local Investment Programmes (LIP)

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Local Investment Programmes (LIP) were implemented in Sweden municipalities between 1998 and 2008. The programme provided grants to support investments made by municipalities, in cooperation with local companies and organisations, to increase ecological sustainability.
The local investment programmes remain in place as a comprehensive catalogue of project results and experiences, available for inspiration and learning for future environmental and climate projects. The SEK 4 billion in grants were invested in around 1,800 projects, covering more than 16 billion kronor in environmental and climate investments. Investments included a wide range of activities that promoted sustainability, including investments in more efficient use of energy and other resources, as well as those that made greater use of renewable raw materials.
According to the evaluation made the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Local Investment Programmes have decreased emissions by approx 970 000 tonnes CO2 per year. The projects in Klimp (see other entry) and LIP are expected to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by around 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents per year.
The programmes also contribute to the achievement of several other national environmental quality objectives.

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