FIDE Label

Last updated: 5 November 2017

The FIDE label is a voluntary label identifies energy-efficient products on the Mexican market; it certifies that the product has met specified standards and identifies it as a FIDE certified energy-efficient product.


FIDE label products cover:

- Electric three phase induction motors

- Lamps, ballasts and luminaries

- Various residential appliances

- Water pumps

- Energy controls

- Commercial refrigerators

- Doubly crystal energy saving windows

- TV sets and monitors

- Air conditioners

- Thermal insulation

- Solar energy equipment

- Tortilla Machines


The FIDE labrl is granted to products that directly or indirectly affect the saving of electrical energy. Products with a FIDE label are equipment or materials with high energy efficiency, or characteristics such that they allow you to help save electricity. For some of the products, also the longevity is assessed, requiring a longer useful life and less maintenance than their conventional equivalents, which results in economic savings in two aspects: in the saving of energy and, where appropriate, in maintenance.


This label is aimed at companies interested in manufacturing products that bear a label that makes them stand out as electric energy savers or as adjuvants therein; in the same way, it benefits diverse branches such as industries, domestic users, services and shops.


In order to maintain the certainty and clarity of what the FIDE label originally supports, it was proposed in the FIDE Technical Committee, in its session No. XCI of June 12, 2012, to classify the FIDE Seal in two: FIDE A Seal and FIDE B Seal


In 2006, the label applied to 3075 products across 34 companies. By 2012, FIDE aims to increase coverage to 7700 products across 85 companies.

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