Joint Statement on Accelerating Methane Mitigation from the LNG Value Chain

Last updated: 6 March 2024

The United States, Republic of Korea, Australia, the European Commission and Japan signed this statement on the margins of the LNG Producer-Consumer Conference in Tokyo, Japan. The signatory parties affirmed their support for an internationally aligned voluntary approach for the measurement, monitoring, reporting and verification of methane emissions data across the international fossil fuel supply chain. The parties expressed their strong support for accelerated methane reductions along the LNG value chain by both public and private stakeholders and affirmed their intention to encourage industry participation in international methane reduction initiatives such as the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0.
Moreover, Korea and Japan expressed their support for the Coalition for LNG Emission Abatement toward Net-zero (CLEAN) Program, which was announced on the same occasion. In support of the CLEAN Program, Japan and the European Union expressed their vision agreed to create a globally aligned methane emission assessment of LNG projects and to incentivise methane mitigation by LNG producers through data collection efforts.

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