Energy Efficiency Best Practice (EEBP) programme

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Energy Efficiency Best Practice (EEBP) programme worked in partnership with industry, consultants and other government and research agencies, to demonstrate that significant and additional energy efficiency savings could be delivered in a range of businesses and industries. The programme ran from 1998 to 2003 and focused on identifying energy efficiency best practice in industry through innovation and capacity building. Funding for the programme concluded on 30 June 2003. However, various resources for EEBP, including information packages, methodologies, and case studies remain available. These document the processes used and savings achieved in participating industry sectors. A major achievement of the programme was the development and trialling of two innovative approaches to build the capacity of businesses to identify, implement and achieve energy savings in new plants and/or processes. These Innovation, Training and Benchmarking projects - Big Energy Projects (BEP) and Best Practice People & Processes (BPPP) were implemented in seven industry sectors: baking, beverage and packaging, dairy, pulp and paper, resource processing, supermarkets and wine. Best practice information programmes on electric motors, fleet management, commercial buildings, hotels and energy performance contracting were also delivered in partnership with industry associations and other government agencies.

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