U.S.-Kazakhstan Joint Statement on Accelerating Methane Mitigation to Achieve the Global Methane Pledge

Last updated: 6 March 2024

Kazakhstan and United States issued a joint statement on actions they will undertake in the next two years to accelerate the development and implementation of policies and projects to rapidly reduce methane emissions in Kazakhstan, particularly from the fossil energy sector. Actions will include:

  • Cooperating on best practices for coal mine methane reductions, including degasification of coal seams, destruction of ventilation air methane, and the capture and utilisation of coal mine methane. 
  • Cooperation to implement LDAR and eliminate routine venting of methane across the oil and gas sector, including by supporting utilising satellite and other technologies, best practice exchanges, advancing pilot projects, and developing national standards.
  • Support improvements in national methane inventories across sectors.
  • Encourage private sector development of and investment in methane reduction projects.
  • Identify and support sources of financing for methane reduction projects, with the United States working with partners to mobilise investments to support achieving full methane mitigation potential in Kazakhstan's oil and gas sector.

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