France-Germany-Italy Joint Communique on Critical Raw Materials

Last updated: 11 December 2023

As part of a series of trilateral meetings designed to enhance co-operation on strategic priorities, the economic ministers of France, Germany and Italy convened to collaborate on the sustainable supply of critical raw materials. The Ministers issued this Joint Communique with the aim for deepening co-ordination on extraction and processing, as well as advancing the circular economy through recycling. The meeting, which was also attended by industry representatives, provided a platform for strategising on how to best provide support to mineral companies. 
The three governments pledged to:

  • Set extraction, processing and recycling targets for each strategic raw material
  • Reinforce measures that promote rthe e-use and recycling of strategic and critical raw materials in Europe
  • Enforce ambitious environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria
  • Extend the lists of critical and strategic materials, notably to include aluminum.

A working group comprised of experts from each administration has been established to ensure the successful implementation of these intiatives. 

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