State support for investment projects with significant investments in Ukraine (Law No. 1116)

Last updated: 11 December 2023

The law aims to provide several incentives for large investment projects in Ukraine in various sectors including the extraction for processing and/or enrichment of minerals (except coal, crude oil and natural gas) in form of e.g.:

  • tax incentives,
  • simplified provision of land necessary for investment project,
  • construction and reconstruction of related infrastructure at the expense of the state,
  • and consolidation of investor guarantees through the conclusion of a direct agreement with the Ukrainian Government for 15 years. 

Said support is provided for investments of more than EUR 20 million as well as the creation of at least 80 new workplaces. The project implementation period is 6 years. The total amount of state support shall not exceed 30% of the amount of the investment in the project.

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