Decree on the Interministerial Delegation for the Supply of Strategic Minerals and Metals

Last updated: 11 December 2023

The strategic metals interministerial delegation, established by Decree No. 2022-1550, is in charge of coordinating government departments and agencies regarding critical minerals (ministries of the environmental transition, the energy transition, industry, foreign affairs, armies, research and higher education, and expert agencies). 

The mission of the delegation is the following: 

  • Monitor the implementation of strategic minerals and metals procurement policy,
  • Contribute to reinforcing the coherence between public policies relating to national defence, industry, energy, environmental protection, ecological transition, international trade and foreign affairs, and strategic ore and metal supply policy,
  • Leading and coordinating work to identify vulnerabilities linked to the supply of strategic ores and metals, in particular by piloting a French observatory of strategic ores and metals, 
  • Ensure the implementation of actions to secure supplies of strategic ores and metals carried out by the ministers responsible for raw materials and mining policy, industry, ecological transition and energy, in particular through the use of the funds as well as through users and producers of strategic ores and metals,
  • Contribute to the development of the national strategy for the transition to a circular economy, the resource programming plan, and the national policy on subsoil resources and uses, 
  • Participate, in conjunction with other relevant government departments, in international negotiations and lobbying at European level on issues relating to the supply of strategic ores and metals.

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