Critical minerals and metals equity fund

Last updated: 8 December 2023

Managed by the private equity firm InfraVia, the critical minerals and metals equity fund is designed to receive investment from private industrial and financial partners, and will be supplemented by government funds, up to 500 million euros. Public shares will be management by the Caisse des Dépôts, France’s public financial institution entrusted with the administration of deposits and consignments. 

Infravia's declared objective is to raise 2 billion euros, state investment included. It will position itself as a minority shareholder, alongside industrial actors or French and European mining players, in projects relating to the critical mineral and metals value chain (extraction, transformation, recycling) in France, Europe and abroad. These investments will aim to secure off-take contracts associated with these projects for the benefit of French and European industry. It will act in close partnership with other public and private project financing players and declared it will support projects with the best social and environmental standards.

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