Joint Statement of Intent between Australia and the United Kingdom on collaboration on critical minerals

Last updated: 8 December 2023

The Australia and United Kingdom Critical Minerals Statement of Intent supports a commitment to strengthen international critical minerals supply chains, promote economic security and meet net zero targets. The countries will work together to pursue the following shared objectives: 

  • Increase and diversify critical minerals supply chains; 
  • Build downstream processing and manufacturing capabilities; 
  • Create skilled and high-paying jobs in regional communities. 

Through the Statement of Intent, Australia and the United Kingdom intend to: 

  • Identify and promote investment opportunities in clean energy technologies and upstream extraction; 
  • Seek avenues for enhanced research and development collaboration, including geoscience, downstream minerals processing, and the development of environmentally sustainable technologies;
  • Promote high environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards in critical minerals mining and processing; 
  • Consider further coordination of critical minerals policy;
  • Encourage exchange of skills and expertise between Australian and United Kingdom firms. 
  • Collaborate on topics of resource efficiency, substitution or recycling of specific critical minerals.

The statement is coordinated by the Australia-United Kingdom Joint Working Group on Critical Minerals, who will identify an initial set of priorities for collaboration.

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